Breast Augmentation – Must Know Safety Measures Before and After This Surgery.

Some prefer the term ‘breast aug’ and some ‘boob job’. They all are terms referring to a minor surgery, which involves slightly manipulating the shape or size of breasts using implants. Some breast augmentation operations make use of fat deposits in place of implants. Either way, both aim at restoring beautiful breasts to the patient.

Important things to know before and after breast augmentation

There are various important things and safety measures that you must be familiar with before going ahead with a decision to get a breast surgery. They include:

  • Breast AugmentationWhat exactly does the process involve? Is it recommendable? If yes, which are the best implants to choose?
  • Breast augmentation cost; for the actual surgery and for maintenance after the surgery
  • The best recovery techniques and the period to take before going back to work
  • The best places to get a safe breast surgery
  • Why you will need to take photos of your breasts, before and after the surgery
  • What are the steps to take in case a problem occurs during the operation or after
  • What about side effects?

What does the breast augmentation surgery involve?

This surgery involves manipulating the shape or the size of a woman’s breasts, and sometimes both. However, it is not effective in very droopy breasts.

  • First, a small cut is made at the areas around the breasts
  • The implant of your choice is then inserted into the surgically made cut in the previous step (learn more about types of breast implants and how they work)
  • The cut is covered and you are ready to go

Is it recommendable to get a breast augmentation or just stay natural?

Breast AugmentationBreast augmentation has been linked to increased self-confidence and improvement of a woman’s physical appearance. In most of the professionally completed surgeries, it has been proved that the surgery is as safe as any other natural or breast enhancement pills in the market today.

All the same, it is important that you talk to a qualified doctor about the decision. The same should be the case for your spouse. The consequences, whether bad or desirable will affect both partners in a relationship and it is important that the go ahead be a mutually agreed decision.

Breast augmentation cost; before and after the surgery

Breast augmentation cost depends on various factors. For example, you may be required to add all the consultation and transport fees you will incur before and after the surgery. It may also depend on the particular breast cream you have been instructed to use during the recovery period. It also depends on the particular place that you are getting the surgery in. for example, it is likely that in NYC, you will get more qualified surgeons but more expensive than in Miami or Utah.

Breast augmentation cost, for the actual operations ranges anywhere from $2500 to $8000. Miami, NYC, and Houston are the leading cities where the best breast augmentation services can be accessed.

Ensure that the clinic, especially for the private clinics, has been registered with commissions like Care Quality Commission or any other relevant regulatory body. Additionally, use the following checklist:

  • They must have factual details of previous successful surgeries
  • They have a satisfying customer review rate
  • They must be in a position to provide medical advice and care services before and after the surgery

How do photos help with breast augmentation recovery?

It is very important that you take various photos of your breasts before and after the surgery. They will help you compare the natural and the acquired size or shape of your breast after the surgery. Photos will also help you identify any breast lumps, which might be a sign of a malfunctioning implant.

Steps to take when a problem occurs in the recovery form a breast augmentation

A normal surgery will not take an excess of two hours. The recovery period is usually averaged at two weeks, a period after which you will have to undergo various adjustments, depending on the type of implants you used. After about a month or two, you will be ready to go back to your normal life, only with better looking breasts!

It is in often times that some hitches occur in the recovery period. In such cases, immediately call the customer service numbers to the clinic you underwent the operation in. however, some side effects like discomfort in the areas around your breasts should not alarm you.
All the same, ensure that you keep your doctor updated with any development encountered during the recovery period. Most of the registered clinics, especially in Utah, Houston, Miami and NYC will not charge extra cost for such consultation.