Breast Pain – Is Mastalgia A Sign of Cancer and Where Best To Get Treatment for the Pain.

Breast PainVarious changes occur in breast development especially at puberty and when a woman is breast feeding. These changes may bring about a condition known as Mastalgia in medical terms. It causes breast pain and in most cases discomfort.
It is unlikely that pain in breast is a sign of cancer. For a moment, you can stop worrying about that. All the same, it is important that you get checked by a qualified doctor soon enough.

7 Probable causes of breast pain

Below is a list of probable causes of pain in breast.

  • Pregnancy – It brings about various changes in the breasts, both internally and externally. The changes are most of the cases hormonally influenced. The milk ducts become more engorged and fuller. This is actually the main causal of the pain. As breasts muscles expand to make room for the milk ducts, the sharp breast pain may be felt.
  • Menopause – This period sometimes brings with it sharp pain in breast. Other symptoms for the same include dryness in vaginal areas and frequent desires for short calls. Again, the pain that comes from it is associated to the changes occurring in the levels of hormones in the body. The body has to undergo through various changes, all which are under the influence of hormones.
  • Breast supplements – Breast supplements, for example breast reduction pills bring about hormonal imbalances in the body. It is much like the case that occurs during pregnancy. Just as we identified earlier that pregnancy may cause sharp pain in breast, the same goes for some breast supplements.
  • Intraductal Papilloma – A lump in breast might be a sign of this condition. It however is non-cancerous but should be treated in the shortest time possible.
  • Ectopic Pregnancy – This occurs when a fertilized ovum unsuccessfully attaches itself on the walls of the uterus. It might get quite tiring to repeat the story of hormonal imbalances, but it actually is the cause of the pain resulting from this condition.
  • Fibrocystic Breast Disease – A painful lump in breast is a common symptom to this disease. As the name suggests, it comes in form of a cyst which should be removed immediately.
  • Breast cancer – A lump may form in either left breast or right breast. In initial stages, the lump will be painless and may keep on disappearing and reappearing. You should find out more about the signs and symptoms of this type of cancer.

Is breast pain during pregnancy a sign of cancer?

You may experience a lump or pain in your left breast or right breast. In most cases, this is attributed to any one of the conditions discussed above. In fact, many cancer patients have reported that cancer lumps were not painful especially in early stages.
However, it is very ill advised, if you are to ignore any such symptoms. Much as it may not be a symptom of cancer, it might eventually bring about cancer predisposing factors. For this reasons, it is best that you get medical attention immediately. Still on the same, stop using any breast enlargement remedies you may be using.

When to get treatment for breast pain and lump in breast conditions

Any pain in breast exceeding a period of two weeks is potentially dangerous. Get medical help immediately. You can call your doctor from home but it is better that you get a physical medical examination. There are many methods of diagnosing cancerous lumps and of treating sharp breast pain conditions.
You also can make use of remedies like Tylenol and available anti-inflammatory drugs.

Which breast supplements causes breast pain

Any type of surgery or untested herbal breast enhancement is potential causal of pain in the breasts. For example, you may notice a sharp pain in your left breast but none in your right breast. This may be caused by a raptured implant in the paining breast. Untested supplements may also bring about unexpected changes in your breasts and hence sharp pain in the same.
Tested Increase breast pills are hardly causes of breast pain. This is because the ingredients and the formulas contained in them are well balanced, and bring about effects that naturally occur during pregnancy.