Breast Reduction – Is It Worth It and What Are the Before and After Expectations.

While a good number of women are looking for ways to enlarge their breasts, others have a bit different desires, ones to reduce their breast sizes. In some cases, the operation is entirely based on beauty desires and not health requirements.
The procedure involves surgical removal of excessively accumulated fat, muscle and skin in undesirably large breasts. It is meant to give you a proportional shape and bust size in relation to your body. It can also be done to reduce breast pain associated with big breasts.

How much does a breast reduction surgery cost?

The average price for a breast reduction procedure is about $5500. This is the amount you will pay the surgeon in charge of the surgery. In addition, you will have to add additional cost like for medical tests and appointments.
Before going ahead with the operation, ask your doctor to clarify the total price you will have to pay for the whole procedure. The price quote above is just an average surgeon’s fee.

Is the cost of breast reduction covered by insurance?

Breast ReductionWithout any external influence, a breast reduction surgery will not be covered by insurance. All the same, you can ask your doctor to officially request your insurer to cover the costs through an official letter. Here, you may be required to take several pictures, ones that will accompany the doctor’s letter to the insurance provider’s offices.
It is also important to remember that NHS doesn’t usually offer this type of surgery. You will therefore have to find a private clinic.

Before and after breast reduction surgery

There are various conditions that might push you to have this procedure. They include:

  • Psychological demoralization; it may even get to the extent of causing depression and related conditions
  • Ineffectiveness in engaging in physically demanding activities
  • Scars, infections and irritations on the skin on and just below the breasts
  • General tiredness, especially in the neck or pain in the back
  • Excessively saggy breasts

Before going ahead with the operation, ensure that you can identify any of the above reasons. Weigh on how much the surgery will cost you and the benefits you will get from the same. Below are facts on which you should base your decision:

  1. A noticeable change will occur once you undergo the operation. It will be impossible to hide it
  2. It is normal for breasts to droop as time advances. You are not the only one experiencing it and it should not be something to blame yourself about.
  3. Some complications may occur during the surgery. For such a reason, it might end up being impossible for you to breast feed again in the future.
  4. The initial conditions that led to large breasts may still bring about the effects again. Therefore, you will need to identify them and take the necessary steps.
  5. Watch videos and pictures for other patients before and after the surgery. Listen to their testimonials and it will help you make the right decision.

Recovery after a breast reduction

Breast ReductionYou will be sufficiently dressed or bandaged in the surgery areas once the surgery has been successfully completed. To support your breasts, an elastic bra will be the best option to use for the time being.
You will be taken through a list of maintenance practices needed for best recovery after the surgery. In most cases, full recovery takes about 6 weeks. In that time, you still will be able to carry on with your daily tasks but is advisable that you take a break from work.
Follow the exact before and after advice provided to you by your doctor. This means that you will have to undergo a breast reduction consultation, even before the procedure itself. In most cases, you also will be advised on the best breast pills before and after the surgery.

How to remove scars after breast reduction surgery

There are a couple of ways to remove scars after breast reduction surgery. In the first weeks of your recovery, you can wear surgical tapes and strips. As time goes by, advance to silicone sheets, much as advised by your doctor.
You also can consider using different creams that give your skin a more natural look. However, the scars will fade with time.