Breast Sizes – What Size Are You? What Is Your Perfect Bra Size: All Info.

Breast sizes have always been a very hotly debated topic. What does it matter? Which is the right metric system to use? Which is the most attractive breast size? Is natural breast enlargement the best option? All these are questions that spark form such debates. The truth is that there is no single best breast size for everyone. Different men and women have preferences for different sizes.
Breast SizesWe cannot all the same dismiss all the research finding that have been published. For example, it has been said that most people prefer C-cups, followed by D and DD in that order. This can however be attributed to the fact that most women belong to the C cups category, with the numbers decreasing as you move to both extreme ends. Measurements for both bra and breasts size are very important.

Best breast sizes according to size comparison charts

The average breast is size C. It is described as slightly larger than then average size, a fact that makes it more attractive and at the same times easily manageable. Size B is a bit smaller, which again makes it not very preferable but okay. On the opposite side, Size D is hard to achieve without enhancements. In fact, it is likely that Size D breasts may end up dropping faster than the rest.
A breast size chart helps compare the different sizes of breast sizes that there are. For example, a woman measuring 74 cm in their under bust will fall in the bra size 12. That will be size A, which is the smallest measure of breast sizes there is. An increment of about two inches leads to a next category of bra size.

How to find your breast sizes with size comparison charts

If you are in the dark about what exactly your breast sizes are, all you need is a size comparison chart. You will be taken through guided steps of measuring your breast size. In even more detailed websites, you will be taken through a gallery of size pictures to guide you through the process.
Finding out about breast size will in turn help you know the perfect size for your bra. This is very important. It for one helps avoid sagging of breasts or squeezing them unnecessarily. In fact, a perfect size bra is a key contributor in firmness or sagginess of your breasts.

How to increase breast size with size comparison pictures and charts

Size pictures and size comparison charts are perfect tools to aid in the quest on how to increase breast size. All you need is to take the measurements, ones that dictate the difference between different sizes. For example, you can note that Size B is two inches short of Size C. From there, you will start using the various bust enlargement techniques available, all while keeping track of your bust size addition.
Bigger breasts are undeniably attractive but only when the size increment has been achieved professionally. It doesn’t matter if you went through surgery, pills or natural remedies. The fact remains that fuller breasts, especially ones fitting in the perfect size bra will always be attractive enough. Nonetheless, do not feel forced to enlarge your breasts unnecessarily. A celeb like Taylor swift is Size A; and we all know about her success in mainstream media.

How to reduce average breast size

As I have already pointed out, most women belong to the Size C breast category. As we go higher on the ladder, we will find Size D and DD. These are somehow very large breasts, once that may cause some forms discomfort.
Women in this category can consider breast lift surgery especially if the breasts are showing signs of excess dropping. Let it not be lied to you that all the celebrities you see in magazines, especially ones with size Ds or DDs got them naturally.
Always remember that you are way much better and beautiful just the way you are. Don’t feel forced to go for operations and extreme you have doubts about. For example, Kim Kardashian is Size D and it is just so hard to keep one’s eyes off her perfect breasts.